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DisplayFusion Command Line Tool (displayfusioncommand.exe)

Using DisplayFusionCommand.exe (version 3.3+) you can control DisplayFusion from an external program or command prompt. DisplayFusionCommand.exe is located in the DisplayFusion installation folder (C:\Program Files\DisplayFusion by default). You can find the syntax and examples below.

Closes all DisplayFusion instances with no prompts.

-wallpaperloadprofile "profile name"
Loads the Wallpaper Profile named in the quotes. (v3.4.0+)

Loads the next random Wallpaper image, if random images are enabled for any of the monitors. (v3.4.0+)

Pauses wallpaper changes, if random images are enabled for any of the monitors. (v7.3.1+)

Re-applies the current Wallpaper Profile. (v8.0+)

Enables/disables the DisplayFusion Desktop Wallpaper feature. When disabling, the wallpaper will be changed to a solid black background. (v8.0+)

Pauses/resumes animated wallpaper sources (My Videos, Website). (v8.0+)

Forces DisplayFusion to load the global application hooks. (v3.4.0+)

Forces DisplayFusion to unload the global application hooks. (v3.4.0+)

Opens the DisplayFusion Wallpaper window. (v3.4.0+)

Opens the DisplayFusion Settings window. (v3.4.0+)

Opens the DisplayFusion Monitor Configuration window. (v3.4.0+)

Opens the DisplayFusion Screen Saver Settings window. (v3.4.0+)

Re-applies the Windows Lock Screen image as set in the DisplayFusion Settings. (v9.0+)

-monitorloadprofile "profile name"
Loads the Monitor Profile named in the quotes. (v3.4.1+)

-functionrun "hotkey name"
Runs the specified DisplayFusion HotKey. (v4.0+)

-desktopiconsave "profile name"
Saves the current Desktop Icon Layout as a profile. Specifying the name of an existing profile will prompt to overwrite. (v4.0+)

-desktopiconload "profile name"
Loads the specified Desktop Icon Layout Profile. (v4.0+)

-settingsbackup "file path"
Saves the current DisplayFusion Settings to a .reg file. If you don't specify a file name, the backup will be created in the default location of %USERPROFILE%\Documents\DisplayFusion Backups. (v5.1+)


DisplayFusionCommand.exe -closeall
Closes all DisplayFusion instances.

DisplayFusionCommand.exe -wallpaperloadprofile "Horse Pictures"
Loads a pre-configured Wallpaper profile named "Horse Pictures"

DisplayFusionCommand.exe -wallpaperloadprofile "Horse Pictures" -wallpapernextimage
Loads a Wallpaper profile, then loads the next random image

DisplayFusionCommand.exe -hotkeyrun "Start Screen Saver"
Runs the built-in DisplayFusion HotKey that starts the Screen Saver

DisplayFusionCommand.exe -settingsbackup "C:\Backups\DisplayFusionBackup.reg"
Saves the current DisplayFusion Settings to C:\Backups\DisplayFusionBackup.reg

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