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DisplayFusion Command Line Tool (displayfusioncommand.exe)

Using DisplayFusionCommand.exe (version 3.3+) you can control DisplayFusion from an external program or command prompt. DisplayFusionCommand.exe is located in the DisplayFusion installation folder (C:\Program Files\DisplayFusion by default). You can find the syntax and examples below.

Closes all DisplayFusion instances with no prompts.

-wallpaperloadprofile "profile name"
Loads the Wallpaper Profile named in the quotes. (v3.4.0+)

Loads the next random Wallpaper image, if random images are enabled for any of the monitors. (v3.4.0+)

Pauses wallpaper changes, if random images are enabled for any of the monitors. (v7.3.1+)

Re-applies the current Wallpaper Profile. (v8.0+)

Enables/disables the DisplayFusion Desktop Wallpaper feature. When disabling, the wallpaper will be changed to a solid black background. (v8.0+)

Pauses/resumes animated wallpaper sources (My Videos, Website). (v8.0+)

Forces DisplayFusion to load the global application hooks. (v3.4.0+)

Forces DisplayFusion to unload the global application hooks. (v3.4.0+)

Opens the DisplayFusion Wallpaper window. (v3.4.0+)

Opens the DisplayFusion Settings window. (v3.4.0+)

Opens the DisplayFusion Monitor Configuration window. (v3.4.0+)

Opens the DisplayFusion Screen Saver Settings window. (v3.4.0+)

Re-applies the Windows Lock Screen image as set in the DisplayFusion Settings. (v9.0+)

-monitorloadprofile "profile name"
Loads the Monitor Profile named in the quotes. (v3.4.1+)

-functionrun "hotkey name"
Runs the specified DisplayFusion HotKey. (v4.0+)

-desktopiconsave "profile name"
Saves the current Desktop Icon Layout as a profile. Specifying the name of an existing profile will prompt to overwrite. (v4.0+)

-desktopiconload "profile name"
Loads the specified Desktop Icon Layout Profile. (v4.0+)

-windowpositionprofilesave "profile name"
Saves the currently opened windows as a Window Position Profile Profile. Specifying the name of an existing profile will prompt to overwrite. (v9.2+)

-windowpositionprofileload "profile name"
Loads the specified Window Position Profile Profile. (v9.2+)

-settingsbackup "file path"
Saves the current DisplayFusion Settings to a .reg file. If you don't specify a file name, the backup will be created in the default location of %USERPROFILE%\Documents\DisplayFusion Backups. (v5.1+)


DisplayFusionCommand.exe -closeall
Closes all DisplayFusion instances.

DisplayFusionCommand.exe -wallpaperloadprofile "Horse Pictures"
Loads a pre-configured Wallpaper profile named "Horse Pictures"

DisplayFusionCommand.exe -wallpaperloadprofile "Horse Pictures" -wallpapernextimage
Loads a Wallpaper profile, then loads the next random image

DisplayFusionCommand.exe -functionrun "Start Screen Saver"
Runs the built-in DisplayFusion Function that starts the Screen Saver

DisplayFusionCommand.exe -settingsbackup "C:\Backups\DisplayFusionBackup.reg"
Saves the current DisplayFusion Settings to C:\Backups\DisplayFusionBackup.reg

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For the commands here that ask you for confirmation, is there a "Force Confirm" flag we can send, like

DisplayFusionCommand.exe -windowpositionprofilesave "ABCD" -y

or something of that nature? I'd like to use this in a batch command but all it does is pop-up the confirmation dialog and I have to manually click "Yes".
Mar 3, 2019  • #2
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
There are some settings in the Advanced Settings window for disabling some of the confirmation prompts. We're planning to add more for the other types (Window Position Profiles Save/Load) as well.
Mar 5, 2019  • #3
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