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I have the default Windows taskbar on my primary monitor and have the DisplayFusion Taskbar on my secondary monitor. Ever since updating to Windows 11 a few months ago, a few applications' icons are always perfectly visible on the Windows taskbar's system tray, but are sometimes or never visible in DF taskbar's system tray. Restarting the application will sometimes make the icon become visible in DF taskbar's system tray, but it doesn't work for every single one. And in the case of at least one application, the tray icon is visible in both taskbars, but clicking it (left or right-click) in the DF taskbar's system tray does absolutely nothing. The problematic applications are below.

Application system tray icons that sometimes or never appear in DisplayFusion taskbar:
    • Corsair iCue
    (v5.5.134, iCUE.exe)

    • JoyToKey
    (v6.9.2, JoyToKey.exe)

    • Soundpad
    (v3.4.10, Soundpad.exe)

    • Voicemeeter Potato
    (v3.0.2.8, voicemeeter8x64.exe)

Application system tray icon that is always visible but never clickable (left or right-click) in DisplayFusion taskbar:
    • System Informer
    (v3.0.7029, SystemInformer.exe)

DF Version:  DisplayFusion Pro 10.1 (Beta 9)
OS Edition:  Windows 11 Pro
OS Version:  22H2
OS Build:    22621.2134

How can we solve this?
Sep 1, 2023 (modified Sep 1, 2023)  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
With the update to Windows 11 we had to change the way DisplayFusion grabs the tray icons, and each one is handled differently. We are aware of a few of these already, and I've added the rest to our list to look into.

Sep 1, 2023  • #2
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