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Erratic Window Snapping Behaviour in Beta 8

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I am experiencing some issues with the new Beta 8 and its new window snapping feature. I think it is a very useful feature but right now it feels pretty unstable with some windows trying to pull itself to snap somewhere random. For example, watching a Windows Media Player video will cause the window to try and pull itself to the top-left corner of the first monitor when you hold onto the window, even though the window starts on the second monitor and is nowhere near the Window Snap Distance. This is apparent only when Window Snapping of other App Windows is enabled.

I hope you can provide an option, or an Advanced Setting, to turn this off in the next Beta in the mean time until this feature becomes more stable.

Apr 16, 2011  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
This issue is fixed in Beta 9 which will be released this week. In the mean time, please disable Window Snapping in the DisplayFusion settings.

Apr 19, 2011  • #2
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