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Erroneous drag-drop behavior

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The DisplayFusion secondary taskbar seems to interpret any mouseover with the mousebutton down as a drag-and-drop operation. This is not true when you're just selecting a long block of text.

I discovered this while copying a long block of source code using Google Chrome. Google Chrome does not have a status bar -- the page renders all the way down to the bottom-most pixel -- so getting it to scroll requires you to move outside the window. (The obvious workaround is to do Shift-click selection instead of drag selection, but I thought I'd report the bug anyway.)


Repro steps:
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  • Open some applications on a secondary monitor.
  • Start a web browser, maximized, on the same secondary monitor.
  • Navigate to a web page with a lot of text, and start selecting text using mouse-drag. Move the cursor below the window to select a long block of text.
  • As the browser is scrolling, move the cursor over one of the other applications on the DisplayFusion secondary taskbar.
  • [/ul]

    Actual behavior:
    DisplayFusion interprets it as a drag-and-drop and brings the application window to the front. This interferes with the selection operation that's going on.

    Expected behavior:
    DisplayFusion should not interpret it as a drag-and-drop, because this is actually an ongoing select operation that just happened to go out-of-window. Nothing's getting dropped. The Windows 7 taskbar does not behave this way -- it will only bring up applications when an actual object is being dragged onto the taskbar.

    DisplayFusion Pro 3.1.10
    Windows 7 (amd64)
    Aug 5, 2010  • #1
    Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
    This is an issue that I am aware of, and I'm trying to find a fix for the next version. Thanks! :)
    Aug 12, 2010  • #2
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