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Feature Request - Change on Startup + VisualEffects (Spray/Grayscale/Blur)

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Your product is great - thumbs up!

...but i am missing the "Change on Startup" Feature, that allows the user to change the wallparers on every windows startup. It would be nice if you could add this feature in the next version... and pleeeease include it as well in the freeware version :wink:

Here in another idea for the shareware version:

I like the Visual Effects feature from "Winwall 2.1". My favorite Effects/EffectCombinations are "Spray", "Grayscale", "Spray together with Blur" and "Blur together with Noise". The other Effects "Twirl", "Pixelate", "Blending", "Dispeciar" and "Colorize" destroys the picture too much and "Flip Horizontal" and "Flip Vertical" are secondary i think. Would be great if you could add these features as well.

Edit - More Features

-LeftMouseButtonClick on TrayIcon = Change Wallpaper
-Add a TaskBar for each Monitor. Each Taskbar only displays the windows seperated by its Monitor
-Cling = Clings the windows together if they are seperated from another within e.g. 10 pixels (like Winamp does) - i know you have a Snap Feature, but if i turn it on nothing happends.

Jul 9, 2008  • #1
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Hi Jon Tackabury,

You have not answered yet. I know i got many suggestions for DisplayFusion but it would be nice if you are able to implament the following features i have already mentioned above:

-Change Wallpaper on Windows StartUp
-LeftMouseButtonClick on TrayIcon = Change Wallpaper (Random)

Thanks for your response.

Best regards,
Jul 11, 2008  • #2
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Sorry for the long delay. It sounds like you have many suggestions. I don't think I will add the left-click on the tray icon to change the wallpaper, but I will be enhancing the right-click menu with more random wallpaper options (per monitor changes... etc). The effects sounds pretty cool, I'll have to play around with that and see what I can come up with. The changing wallpaper on startup also sounds like a good idea, I'll see where I can integrate it in.
Jul 13, 2008  • #3
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