Feature Request - Discrete Functions for "Enable Monitor Fading" and "Disable Monitor Fading"

Shawn Maiberger1
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I've been working on setting up a "night mode" for my PC that cuts my triple monitors down to 1 main monitor (via monitor profiles). Attached to that monitor profile is a dark wallpaper, and then I have a DF Trigger setup on enabling that profile to automatically:

- Trigger Windows to be in grayscale mode (custom function to check if it's not in grayscale mode already via the registry, then sending Win+Ctrl+C to enable Windows Color Filtering if not)
- Turn on DF monitor fading (to bring down the brightness of the monitor by 50%)
- Switch Windows over to dark mode (via some reg add commands)

I also have a "day mode" profile that turns on all 3 monitors, has a bright wallpaper attached, turns off grayscale mode, turns off DF monitor fading, and switches Windows over to light mode.

The issue I'm running into is that DisplayFusion only has a function for Toggle Monitor Fading, not discrete functions for Monitor Fading On / Off. This leads to cases where sometimes things get out of sync, and monitor fading is turned on by the day mode / turned off by the night mode, and I have to go into DF settings to manually turn on / off Monitor Fading to get things back in sync with where they should be.

My feature request to enable me to fix this automation would be this: could DF expose additional discrete "Enable Monitor Fading" and "Disable Monitor Fading" functions in the Window Management section of Settings -> Functions, which, instead of toggling, would explicitly set Monitor Fading on / off?

This would let me include an Enable Monitor Fading in the trigger tied to the night mode monitor profile, and a Disable Monitor Fading in the trigger tied to the day mode monitor profile, which would keep things from getting out of sync, since I'd be setting a desired state (on / off) rather than toggling and hoping the start state was correct to end up with the correct monitor fading mode after the toggle.
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Hi Shawn,

This is currently on our feature request list, so I've added your vote to it. We'll be sure to let you know if/when we're able to implement it in the future.

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Shawn Maiberger1
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Alternatively, is there a way that's already in the Advanced Settings or elsewhere that I'm missing to make DisplayFusion only process Triggers for "Monitor Profile Changed" on an explicit user-driven monitor profile change?

The problem that happens with this not being a discrete function is this: say I turn my computer off with 3 monitors active (day profile). I then turn it back on a couple hours later. Since the 3 monitor profile was active before, DisplayFusion runs again, re-evaluates "Yup, still using the 3 monitor profile," and runs the trigger again, which toggles the state of monitor fading, even though it shouldn't have been triggered in the first place, because the profile hadn't really changed.

Same with launching a fullscreen game, then alt-tabbing away. DF sems to see that as a reiteration of "Yup, still 3 monitor profile" and re-runs the triggger. It leaves me with a desktop where I have to go into DF properties and manually turn off monitor fading 4-5 times on a good day, and more on a day where I frequently sleep the computer or play full screen games.

If there's a way to tell DF to only process "Monitor Profile Changes" on a user driven action (e.g. going into DF monitor profiles and changing the profile, not via whatever profile auto-scan DF is retriggering in the background), then that would solve this problem without needing a discrete function for monitor fading.

(Put another way: the "Monitor Profile Changed" trigger doesn't really do what it says it will do. The name implies that it will trigger on change, but it triggers on evaluation = specified profile, regardless of whether the state has actually changed or not. If there's a way that I'm missing to set it to actually trigger only when the new profile is not equal to the previous profile, e.g. the profile has actually changed, that would fix this issue as well.)
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Hi Shawn,

We currently don't have an option for this, but I've added it to our feature request list.

Aug 24, 2021  • #6
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