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Feature Request: Limit mouse wrapping to specific edges of the monitors

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I'd like to see an option to limit the mouse wrapping to specific edges of both monitors.

In my case I would not allow the mouse to move out of the left edge of my main monitor and the right edge of my second monitor.

This way I won't accidentally end up with my mouse on my second monitor whenever I want to access the start menu. It would essentially make my monitor setup work as intended even though windows thinks my 2nd monitor is on the left.

The only reason I need mouse wrapping is because my main(left) monitor is 1440p and my second(right) is 1080p which results in messed up window positions on my second monitor whenever I play a fullscreen game in a non native resolution on my main monitor.

Moving the second monitor to the left in windows fixes this because windows is stupid. The issue is that I'm not able to physically move the second monitor to the left and that's where mouse wrapping helps as I am still able to get to my second monitor by moving the mouse to the right even though windows thinks it's on the left.
Jul 16, 2022 (modified Jul 16, 2022)  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
This is currently on our feature request list, so I've added your vote to it. We'll be sure to let you know if/when we're able to implement it in the future.

Jul 18, 2022  • #2
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