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Feature request - lock mouse to screen when gaming, with key override

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Before, I was using Dual Monitor Tools for dealing with the problem of my mouse escaping the screen in certain games - it had a neat feature that allowed me to pick a key (I used "Shift"), which when held would allow the mouse to cross between monitors - when the key wasn't pressed, the mouse wouldn't leave the screen.
The problem with Dual Monitor Tools was, it was buggy in several ways that needn't be described. So, seeing DisplayFusion on a sale on Steam, I decided to buy it and try it out, but so far I'm disappointed, because either I can't set it up the way I want, or this usually-30$ program doesn't actually have the features required.
The bare minimum I'd expect from this program to mimic the functionality of DMT, which is "lock the mouse to the primary screen, unless a key is held". I'm not sure how/if that can be achieved in DisplayFusion. You can set a key combination to toggle the cursor locking mechanism, but that's nearly not as convenient.
Ideally I'd like it to do the thing similar to what's described in the title - "when the game is in focus right now, lock the mouse to the monitor the game is running on, but allow the mouse to pass through when a key is held". This would solve this first world problem of mine completely, as it wouldn't require me to turn off the program every time I'm not playing (because otherwise I'd have to be holding the button even when not playing).
If this is possible to achieve with DisplayFusion, can you please describe how to do it? I tried to configure triggers myself but I failed to make it work.
And if it's not, can you please implement such a feature? Thanks
Jan 26, 2020  • #1
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Just responded in the other thread

Jan 27, 2020  • #2
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