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Feature Request - Shutdown the Displays

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I have an idea for DisplayFusion:
I often would like to force windows to shutdown the displays, i.e., what happens if you are inactive and power management takes affect.

Screensaver control can do this ( ), but it does much more than I need, and is quite bloated.

Just figured i'd throw that out there :)

May 30, 2008  • #1
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I find NirCmd quite useful for this:

Jun 2, 2008  • #2
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Wizmo is a very slim utility (~40k, no install) that does this and a number of other things.
Check it out at (
Jun 14, 2008  • #3
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
It sounds like there are already a few good free options, and I think it is a bit out of the scope of DisplayFusion right now. I'd love to hear what you end up using though, for future reference.
Jun 27, 2008  • #4
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Sorry.. I forgot about coming back here XD.

What I did was setup a simple batch file and a hotkey with nircmd.

First I downloaded nircmd from here --
and placed it in system32. Could be any directory in %PATH%.

Then I wrote a batch script:


ping localhost -n 3 -w 1000
nircmd monitor off

I then linked the batch to one of my G15 keys.

The ping command simply adds a 2 second delay, which allows you to stop touching the keyboard/mouse before the display kills itself. Otherwise it's too easy to accidently undo the nircmd command.

Hope that helps :D


If you're still interested in adding this:
may be a good place to start.
Aug 21, 2008  • #5
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
Thanks for the update - it seems like a simple solution. :)
Sep 9, 2008  • #6
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