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[Feature Request] Window Position Profile on Startup

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I'd love to see the ability to apply a window position profile on startup!

Windows does a pretty good job of remembering where everything should be on startup that's probably fine for most people, but I use very precise(exact pixel) placement of many programs to maximize on my screen space, & I often notice a window being off by a few pixels, sometimes causing them to spill into other monitors.

To fix this, I always load a position profile once everything is started up, but if I could get DisplayFusion to do this automatically, I could just set a delayed start in Task Scheduler.

Just a small QOL thing, but I figure that's what Displayfusion is all about right?
Aug 31, 2019 (modified Aug 31, 2019)  • #1
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You can do this actually! On the Settings > Triggers tab, add a rule that uses the "DisplayFusion Starts" Trigger. Then add a "Wait" action (e.g. 120000 to wait 2 minutes), and then a "Run Function" action and choose the "Load Window Position Profile: Profile Name" function.

Hope that helps!
Sep 4, 2019  • #2
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