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FEATURE REQUESTS: Get closer to Windows 10 native snapping hotkeys

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So this is a request to make the hotkeys work a bit more like the windows native hotkeys.

Feature 1: Auto move to next split on "Size left/right"
Use case: I'm using nVidia Surround, splitting three monitors with a bit of space in between for bezel correction. If I was using Win 10 native without surround, and a window was on the far right monitor, I could hit "Win+Left" to move it to the left 50% of that monitor. Then, if I hit "Win+Left" again, it moves to the right 50% of the middle monitor. Basically, hitting it repeatedly moves it across the monitors in 50% increments.

Feature: Make hotkeys context aware
Use case: I set a hotkey of "Win+Cntrl+Alt+Left" to snap a window to Left most 50%. I set a hotkey of "Win+Cntrl+Alt+Up" to maximize. Make snaps aware of current window position so that if a window is snapped left, using the maximize hotkey first moves it to the top-left 25% of the screen. Then hitting it again maximizes. Basically, recreate the Win 10 methods across the four quadrants.

Feature: Restore size post snap
Use case: Similar request to https://www.displayfusion.com/Discussions/View/feature-request-restore-maximized-window-to-previous-size-on-drag/?ID=a3d5ef63-8362-4ec3-b116-953af6f089f2, however applying to all snaps. If a window has been snapped to a corner, top, bottom, or maximize, restore size when dragging away with the mouse.

Can we reproduce any of this in DF?
Nov 11, 2018 (modified Nov 11, 2018)  • #1
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We do have functionality like this on our feature request list, so I've added your vote to it. Unfortunately I can't comment on the feasibility or ETA on when it could be implemented, sorry!
Nov 12, 2018  • #2
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