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Font 'Arial' does not support style 'Regular' error

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I just downloaded DisplayFusion, and it looks like a great program.
But when I run it I keep getting these font error messages..... lots of them.
I can't check the version, but I think it's 1.5.0.
I am able to select & set backgrounds, tho.

An error has occurred while updating the preview.
Font 'Arial' does not support style 'Regular'.

Windows Vista 32 bit Home Premium
Nvidia GeFOrce 7800 GTX
dual monitors
also running MultiMon Taskbar

Any help would be appreciated.
Jan 5, 2008  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
Weird! Has your version of the Arial font been replaced by any other installed programs? If you are still receiving this error please get in touch with me (by email or PM) and I'll help you out further.
Jan 27, 2008  • #2
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I don't know if the Arial font had gotten replaced or not... but after you asked, I Googled and found a few other references to my problem. They suggested that perhaps the Arial font was corrupt, and to replace it.
I copied Arial.ttf from my XP computer, installed it, and the problem is gone.

In Notepad, when I click on "Format - Font" and click on Arial I now get 4 styles, including Regular. Before, I wasn't seeing Regular.

Your program works fine now, and I really like the ability to have a different background on each monitor.
Thanks again.
Jan 28, 2008  • #3
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
Glad to hear you got it working!
Jan 29, 2008  • #4
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