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Fully Loaded Task Bar on Each Virtual Monitor

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I have several virtual monitors setup. I need to know how to do the following things.

Problem 1: I have A 49" ultra-wide monitor. I have 4 virtual monitors setup each with each monitor having a taskbar. However, the "main desktop and taskbar" is i guess, by default set to the furthest left virtual monitor.

Requested Solution: How do i tell the system that "this virtual monitor of my choice" to set to as the "main desktop and taskbar"?

Problem 2: Though the taskbar DOES show up in each virtual monitor, and though each application icon appears when running a program per monitor i start the task on, only 1 virtual screen has the main taskbar fully loaded with all my icons at all times.

Requested Solution: I want to know how to get the FULL taskbar on each virtual window?

Problem 3: When ever i hit the windows button in a virtual monitor, it always opens first in the default monitor and then quickly transfers to the virtual monitor i had originally hit the windows icon. Quite annoyance to say the least.

Requested Solution: How do i make it so that when i click the little windows icon in the task bar on any virtual monitor, it stops loading on the default monitor first and only loads on the virtual monitor where i hit the button to start with?

Another Request:
Requested Solution: Any time i open a window, i want it to open center screen. And with one push of a programmed ctrl button, i can send that window to the virtual monitor the button was programmed to?
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