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Fully Loaded Task Bar on Each Virtual Monitor

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I have several virtual monitors setup. I need to know how to do the following things.

Problem 1: I have A 49" ultra-wide monitor. I have 4 virtual monitors setup each with each monitor having a taskbar. However, the "main desktop and taskbar" is i guess, by default set to the furthest left virtual monitor.

Requested Solution: How do i tell the system that "this virtual monitor of my choice" to set to as the "main desktop and taskbar"?

Problem 2: Though the taskbar DOES show up in each virtual monitor, and though each application icon appears when running a program per monitor i start the task on, only 1 virtual screen has the main taskbar fully loaded with all my icons at all times.

Requested Solution: I want to know how to get the FULL taskbar on each virtual window?

Problem 3: When ever i hit the windows button in a virtual monitor, it always opens first in the default monitor and then quickly transfers to the virtual monitor i had originally hit the windows icon. Quite annoyance to say the least.

Requested Solution: How do i make it so that when i click the little windows icon in the task bar on any virtual monitor, it stops loading on the default monitor first and only loads on the virtual monitor where i hit the button to start with?

Another Request:
Requested Solution: Any time i open a window, i want it to open center screen. And with one push of a programmed ctrl button, i can send that window to the virtual monitor the button was programmed to?
Jan 13, 2022 (modified Jan 13, 2022)  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on

1) These two advanced setting should be what you're looking for:

2) That taskbar is likely the Windows taskbar. If you open the DisplayFusion Settings > Taskbar tab, you can change the taskbar mode to "All taskbars show all windows" to show the icons on the rest of your taskbars. Please note, this will only adjust running applications. Pinned applications still need to be manually pinned on each taskbar.

3) Unfortunately this isn't fixable, due to not being able to hook the Windows 10 start menu.

4) a) For opening windows to a specific monitor, please see our triggers guide:

b) For moving windows to a specific location with a hotkey, please see our custom functions guide:

Jan 17, 2022  • #2
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