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Help getting DisplayFushion Triggers to match RiotClient

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Hello All,

I've been having some issues getting triggers to work with the Riot/League of Legends client. I set a new rule for when a window is created, I'e also tried setting it for when a process is spawned. I tried setting it to match the executable, which didn't work. I tried then adding the match for Window Text, Window Class and Command line parameters, none of which worked either.

I have 3 monitors, and it assigns it to my primary by default. I could change my primary monitor, but with the setup I have now, doing so would really throw off my work flow. Ideally, I would like the application to launch on one of my secondary monitors. The main issue is, my primary monitor is vertical. When it launches there, it inherits the display settings. Even when I move the window manually, the subsequent game windows are launched from the same space, and the dimensions are completely unplayable.

In any case, the rules haven't quite worked, I am uncertain if display fushion fails to move it, or if it simply is not matching.

These are the commnad lin parameters I tried to match


This is the window text
"Riot Client"

This is the class

This is the process filename
C:\Riot Games\Riot Client\UX\RiotClientUx.exe

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
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Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Is the game set to run windowed, or full screen?
4 days ago  • #2
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Its me Maldy93573
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I want the same i just want to play LoL in my first monitor in fullscreen but the trigger doesn t work.
1 day ago  • #3
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