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help!?! Installation Error#:0001:000-4

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Hi everyone,

I have been looking around for dual monitor wallpaper support and displayfusion is the most promising that I've seen.

But, when I try to install the program, I get the following error:

This application has encountered a problem and needs to close. Please contact the vendor of this installation.

Error#: 0001:000-4

I am running 64 bit Vista

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Mar 15, 2009  • #1
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2 discussion posts
so I saw that the file exists without an installer and it works perfectly using that.

but does anyone know why I cannot use the installer?
Mar 16, 2009  • #2
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
At what point during the installation do you receive this error?
Mar 16, 2009  • #3
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I get the exact same error as soon as I try to run the installer.

i7 920, vista 64 home.

gonna try the other one without the installer
May 5, 2009  • #4
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
Thank you for reporting in. I am following up with the installer software vendor. I received some installer logs from @mmm_unit that will help quite a bit. For now, just download the non-installer version. DisplayFusion doesn't install any system drivers or anything like that, so the functionality won't be affected.
May 5, 2009  • #5
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
It sounds like it may be your anti-virus software blocking the creation of the temporary installation files. Can you try disabling your anti-virus software and try the installation again? If you would like to verify that the installation is virus-free you can upload it to this service first: But don't worry, I can every release before it goes out the door so it should be ok to disable your anti-virus software for a few minutes while the installation completes. Please let me know if this resolves your issue. Thanks!
May 8, 2009  • #6
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