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Hiding Multi-Monitor Taskbar as a trigger and more

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Hello. I recently wrote a guide for the SimCity 4 community on how to run SimCity 4 across two 4K monitors. The guide can be found below:


My guide works perfectly if those two monitors are the only active monitors; however, I have activated a third monitor since writing the guide. I would please like to ask how I can disable the DisplayFusion utility icon that is near the minimize button of each window's taskbar on a per-application basis. I would also please like to ask how to hide the multi-monitor taskbar as a trigger because the taskbar on my secondary monitor is on top of the game window when I run it following my guide with three monitors active.

Thank you very much.
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Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Hi Steven,

You should be able to configure both of these in the DisplayFusion compatibility settings. If you open up the DisplayFusion Settings window and head to the Compatibility tab, you can add in the game and check off "Disable Titlebar Buttons (this application only)" and "Disable DisplayFusion Taskbars while this application is running".

Hope that helps!
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That's a perfect solution. Thank you so much!
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