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How to make Chrome notifications pop-up on second monitor?

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Does anyone know how to make the Chrome notifications pop-up messages, such as those that let you know that you have a new Gmail or an IM, display on a secondary monitor? I've tried using Process Explorer to figure out the name of the executable, so that I could use DisplayFusion to do it, but all I see are a bunch of chrome.exe instances running. The Chrome notifications settings screen doesn't include one for monitor placement.
Aug 14, 2014  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Unfortunately those can't be moved at the moment as they don't get detected as a new window

It's not fixable at the moment, but if we're able to in a future version, we definitely will!
Aug 15, 2014  • #2
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I just tried looking for this myself.

I kept missing mail messages for hours while i was working, thought the gmail notifications would help... until it turns out to put the notifications on my laptop monitor, and not the two main 27inch monitors is use and look at all the time...

Keep us informed if this ever gets possible, or anyone finds an alternative.
Apr 14, 2015  • #3
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Conner Justin Smith65794
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If this is applicable to anyone else, in windows 10 you can set your larger monitor as the main monitor, and this will cause the notification to be switch to the larger screen.
Sep 5, 2019  • #4
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