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How To Span Wallpaper Images Across Groups of Monitors

Starting with DisplayFusion 6.0, we've added a great new feature that allows you to combine the wallpaper for specific monitors. This allows you to have a wallpaper image span some of your monitors, while still having a separate image on the other monitors. This is a great feature for people who run less conventional multi-monitor setups like having two monitors in the landscape orientation, and a third monitor in the portrait orientation.

Enabling Wallpaper Combining

Here are the steps for a simple combined wallpaper setup. Note that you can combine the wallpaper on more than two monitors, have multiple groups of combined monitors, and even combine the wallpaper on non-adjacent monitors!

  • Set the Background Mode option to "Use a different Image for each Monitor."
  • Select Monitor 1, then choose a wallpaper source and load an image. (or enable the "Load random images" checkbox)
  • Right-click Monitor 2, then choose "Combine With > Monitor #1" or, select Monitor 2, then choose "Combined with Monitor #1" in the Source drop-down.
  • Click the Apply button to test it out.

Editing Settings for Combined Monitors

If you want to edit the wallpaper source, or change the selected images for a combined group, just make sure to choose the "master" monitor for the group. Here are the steps:

  • Select the "master" monitor, which is Monitor 1 in the steps above. (the monitor with the ID indicated on the right side of the arrow on a combined monitor)
  • Make your changes to the Source and selected images, and they will automatically apply to the combined monitor.
  • Click the Apply button to test it out.


Combining via the Right-Click Menu
Combining via the Right-Click Menu
Combining via the Source Drop-Down
Combining via the Source Drop-Down
2x Landscape Combined, Portrait Separate
2x Landscape Combined, Portrait Separate
May 22, 2014 (modified Apr 14, 2016)  • #1
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