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I know the Coronavirus might have had an effect but don't you usually have a May spring sale?

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I was waiting for it so I could purchase some software (especially DisplayFusion). It's a great program with a great price a while ago but I think most of its functions are now native to Windows. For example, I only need one section, the window layouts. Paying $30 for a layout program is a little steep when there is so much of them out there.

Any news if there is going to be is spring sale this year?


Your company seems to have some integrity so I wanted to just voice some opinions that might be helpful.

I wanted to say that VoiceBot might not be a good investment for you, guys at Binary Fortress. Except for a real limited vocabulary, voice commands are literally impossible for a computer to interpret. I think you've noticed that companies have stopped pursuing it because they realized that. The problem is not slang or hard to understand words. It's something else.

Another thing is that I think your pricing model should change. You'll need to do this slowly because there is going to be major blowback. When you set a pricing model and then backtrack, consumers irrationally feel cheated. I strongly believe that you are being too kind by giving out lifetime licenses. You are constantly improving the software so shouldn't current owners pay for these improvements?

At the same time, if they don't want the improvements, they shouldn't be forced to get them just because Windows keeps spitting out worthless OS versions every few years. Make the old version compatible with new Window versions but have the new features totally hidden.
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I can't comment on the spring sale at the moment, sorry! Thanks for the feedback though, it's always appreciated! If you have any further questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

Jun 9, 2020  • #2
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