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Idependently move taskbars?

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I use my main windows taskbar on lefthand side of screen, i want DisplayFusion taskbar to be on the right hand side of my 2nd monitor as it gets in the way when its on left side. Is this possible?

I propose this as a feature request if it cant be done already.

edit - would be nice to be able to put quicklaunch/shortcuts in DisplayFusion taskbar too . show desktop icon too.
Mar 8, 2009  • #1
John L. Galt's profile on WallpaperFusion.com
The DF taskbar is a re-write of the old DF taskbar, if I am not mistaken from the testing on previous builds and commentary with Jon. I know he is working hard on trying to get this working perfectly, and then there is Windows 7 support that he is trying to get done as well, but I do like the idea of a taskbar that can be placed anywhere independently of the windows taskbar - it would make for some cool effects to have them juxtaposed on opposite sides of opposite monitors....

As for attaching toolbars, shortcuts, and such, I am positive that Jon will incorporate that in as well - after all, in Windows 7, we can already add shortcuts, and in XP an newer we can add toolbars....
I am I.
Mar 9, 2009  • #2
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Cheers, good to hear this is on the cards.

Ive noticed a bug that happening to me:
I have DisplayFusion set to run on windows startup. When i stuartup my computer diplayfisuion thinks i only have one monitor with a very wide resolution (like if i span desktop over both). Display porperties shows the 2 monitors correctly. As a result of it thinking only 1 monitor displayfusion will put 1 desktop background stretched across the 2 & not display taskbar on 2nd.
At this point if i just quit displayfusion then run it again it will detect both monitors properly & work fine. This consistently happens.

Dont know if its related, but on occasion i do set my desktop to stretch across both monitors like that, so that i can utilise multi monitor support in a game (burnout paradise).

On a side note, i have found an app that wont be put on the displayfusion taskbar, it just stays on windows taskbar. Game Maker 7 http://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker/try .
Mar 9, 2009  • #3
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Hi GhostGum,

Let me try to address your questions:
1. Independent taskbar positioning is on my list of things to do and will make it into a future DisplayFusion version for sure.
2. Quick launch support isn't possible at all, because I'm not using any of the standard Windows taskbar components. It's all custom, and as a result it can't host a toolbar.
3. I will investigate Game Maker 7 compatibility for the next release

As for the wallpaper spanning issue, it should be corrected in the next release. The wallpaper changer/monitor now waits 30 seconds after startup before trying to change anything. This should allow your system to get setup correctly before DisplayFusion changes anything.
Mar 9, 2009  • #4
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Kevin F.
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Hey GhostGum, What are you using GM for if you dont mind me asking? I use it a little as well... Never moved it to the second monitor though... I use it for any work I do with Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.
Mar 10, 2009  • #5
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Thank you for the reply Jon, im happy to hear independent taskbar position is on todo list, good for us that use tasbar on side instead of top/bottom. i chucked displayfusion startup in a batch file to wait 30 secs, until next version.

Pyrobob, my current project is an online game server, im writing in C#. Im using gamemaker to make the client. Current game is an online team tower defence / top down shooter. No public release yet :/. Mushroom Kingdom Fusion looks fun, im downloading now.
Mar 19, 2009  • #6
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