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Incorrect TitleBar Button Placement in Windows 8 CP with DF 4.1.0 Beta 1

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Re: DisplayFusion 4.1.0 Beta 1
Windows 8 Consumer Preview (not Release) x64
Secondary Monitor, pivoted into Portrait Mode
Any App running Full Screen

TitleBar Buttons are not aligning vertically correctly within the TitleBar. The attached pic is of Internet Explorer 9 (not Metro version 10) in Windows 8 at full screen. Every other app I tested on the secondary monitor in Portrait mode displayed the same misplacement.

DisplayFusion 4.1.0 Beta 1 running on my two Windows 7 system does not exhibit this bug.

All good wishes ~ Hans-Peter
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Jun 3, 2012  • #1
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Sorry, we have updated DisplayFusion to support the new window-positioning in the Release Preview. Unfortunately we can't support the older Win8 betas, as there are many things that just don't work in the older versions. If you can update to the RP you'll find that everything works as it should.
Jun 4, 2012  • #2
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