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Is it possible to create a key combination to change which monitor is the "main display"?

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Stereogram Studios
2 discussion posts
In Windows display settings, you can designate which monitor is the main display by selecting "make this my main display". I'd like to create a hotkey to automatically change a monitor to the main display. That way I don't constantly have to go into the Windows settings.

I game a lot, which leads me to set my TV monitor as the main display so the game moves to that monitor. But then when I work on my computer I need my standard monitor as the main display. I tend to switch back and forth daily.

Thank you!
12 days ago  • #1
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Marco Mustacchi
12 discussion posts
i don't know if you can assign an hotkey just to that action but you can create 2 profile the same settings except the "main monitor". then you can assign key combination to both settings
11 days ago  • #2
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