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Hello, I was wondering how I can fix this issue I'm having. I used to run DisplayFusion on Windows 7, and recently upgraded to Windows 8.
Normally when I was running a full screen application on my main monitor, and click on (for example) my browser at my second monitor, it would show my taskbar on the main monitor.

Now in Windows 8 it doesn't do the same, it only shows the taskbar on the main monitor if:
- I'm left clicking on my desktop (no application)
- when I disable the DisplayFusion hook for the taskbar (having no taskbar no my second monitor)

I am running the latest beta version of DisplayFusion.

Thank you.
Nov 7, 2014  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
I know we already corresponded via email, but I'm posting here for others' sake: I was able to reproduce this issue here, and I've added it to our list :)

Nov 11, 2014  • #2
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