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Jon, you're too clever for your own good....

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I was thinking a about requesting a new feature when I realised I should already be able to do it, but you've gone and been too clever so my trick won't work:


I have three monitors, arranged horizontally side-by-side, but the left most is 16:9 (1900x1080) and the other two are 16:10 (1900x1200).
When I run ProTools and VS2010 (and some other apps) I like to have the window fill the two 16:10 monitors leaving the left-most for other stuff. Before I got the 16:9 monitor I would just span across all monitors.

Attempted solution:

I had a brain-wave; create a new hot-key that moved the window to the top-left of my middle monitor and made the width 3800px....

Busily patting myself on the back for being so clever I did so (see attachment), but you're obviously bounds-checking the size of the monitor when resizing the window.


Could you add either:

1] A new entry in the combo; "Change window width to specified pixel value (ignoring screen bounds)" and ignore as appropriate, or
2] A check-box to the hot-key edit window that lets me say 'Ignore screen size' and then ignore it when the hot-key is invoked


• Attachment: Attemped custom monitor span.jpg [61,444 bytes]
Attemped custom monitor span.jpg
Feb 25, 2010  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
This was a bit of an over-sight on my part, you're right. :) In the upcoming Beta 8 the window size is no longer being restricted when you specify a custom size. This restriction was originally put in place to make sure windows that were moved wouldn't hang over the edges of a monitor. However, I didn't think that sometimes people want this. :) Look for the Beta 8 in the next few days. Thanks!
Feb 25, 2010  • #2
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