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Linking two windows together

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I'm trying to link two Chrome browser windows together so that when the first window gets focus, thw second window also becomes visible. The reasoning is this; window #2 is a tab manager that is "docked" and contains a list of all my open tabs. It's quite nice and really fast but the problem with it not becoming visible when window #1 does is really irritating.

I've managed to get it to work rather clumsily a couple of times but approchaes have their own drawbacks. One approach is to use a trigger for window #1 and then run a function that gets window #2, changes the focus to window @ which causes it to come to the foreground, then I set the focus back to windows #1. Only one small problem; it's basically in a loop because of the trigger.

The second approach is pretty close to the same except instead of setting the focus to window #2, I do a hide and then a show of window #2. That stops the loop but now the window "flashes". Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? My code is shown below.

Approach 1:


Approach 2


Feb 10, 2020  • #1
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I can't think of a good way to automate that either. I would probably just write a Scripted Function that focuses both windows, assign a key combination to it, and run it manually when you want to switch to Chrome.
Feb 11, 2020  • #2
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