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Lock one window to another

Matthew Gomes
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I would like to have one window be in a position relative to another and always be under it even if focused (unless a modifier is held). I haven't found a way to do either one of these things yet and I was wondering if it was even possible to do. Grateful for any help
Apr 26, 2021  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
Hi Matthew,

1) Are you looking to have the two windows maintain that relative position wherever they are moved? If so, this isn't something we support.

2) We have a function called "Toggle window always on top" that might help here. You can toggle this on the window you would like to appear above, and then move the other window below it. This is a toggle, so you can add a key combination to it to quickly turn it on and off.

Hope that helps!
Apr 26, 2021  • #2
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