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Lock Touchscreen Keyboard (Windows 10) To Main Monitor

Kristian McCarthy64820
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I am using a dual monitor system, with monitor number 1 as a touch screen. I want to find a way such that touching the "touch keyboard" button on the task bar will only make the keyboard appear on monitor 1. Right now, if a window is in focus on the second monitor, touching the "touch keyboard" button will open the keyboard on the second screen, which i then have to undock and drag back to the first to actually use.
Sep 16, 2017  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
There isn't a way to do that in DisplayFusion, but while testing it out, I ended up making the Touch Keyboard stay on the Primary monitor some how. After I opened it on the Primary monitor, I just moved it slightly, then closed it. Now it seems to always open there, regardless of which monitor the focused application is on.
Sep 18, 2017  • #2
Kristian McCarthy64820
2 discussion posts
Hello, was this work-around done using the touchkeyboard located on the taskbar, or the on-screen keyboard desktop application?
Sep 18, 2017  • #3
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
The touchscreen keyboard using the icon on the taskbar (next to the system tray icons).
Sep 18, 2017  • #4
David Lue87908
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hi, i was facing same problem, i open app typing in 1st screen ( surface ), touch keyboard pop up in 1st screen, i open app typing in 2nd screen ( external moniotor), touch keyboard pop up in 2nd screen. i want touch keyboard always pop up on my surface pro even i want typing on 2nd screen. another thing is the touch keyboard icon always show in main screen task bar, and not show in both screens.
Sep 13, 2020 (modified Sep 13, 2020)  • #5
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
@David: Did my workaround from post #2 not work to keep it there?
Sep 14, 2020  • #6
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