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Marc Foreman
2 discussion posts

I have a mixed bag of wallpapers, variously portrait, landscape and a range of resolutions from 1080p to 4k and even 8k and above.

I'd like to be able to set up some logic so that if an image being selected on any one of the monitors by the wallpaper slideshow is large enough, I can arrange for it to span across 2 or even 3 or more monitors.

There could well be a lot of nuance to this, and so this feature request could potentially be a bit of a rabbit hole, but just for starters, maybe setting up a folder source from which all images must be spanned across X monitors, and giving the folders those parameters, would suffice.

Is this something you guys could introduce on a future update?


Jan 21, 2023  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Hi Marc,

This is currently on our feature request list, so I've added your vote to it. We'll be sure to let you know if/when we're able to implement it in the future.

Jan 23, 2023  • #2
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