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Carsten Franke
99 discussion posts
Hi Jon,

I'm not sure if it's really a problem of DisplayFusion - probably yes, Vlad said everything's okay with my account...

I've chosen to randomly get a new image from This works fine but not the login. DF pretends that there's no login with this keycode. Stupidly I'm able to login with the same data on itself.

Maybe you can take a look. If you want to, I would give you my login information to test the problem.

Apr 6, 2009  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
I am able to login using my Vladstudio information. What error are you receiving in DisplayFusion? If you would like me to troubleshoot this further you can email your Vladstudio account information to me at I will keep the information confidential, and once I am done I would encourage you to change your password (keycode). Thanks!
Apr 6, 2009  • #2
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
I was able to reproduce the error and this problem has been fixed in version 3.0.3. Thanks!
Apr 7, 2009  • #3
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