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Make-Borderless Windowed Script does not work

Shun Takeda
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I downloaded this script to play old PS1 games on ePSXe without Fullscreen/VSYNC but screen tearing occurs when run it, is this a bug or in order to my configuration?

WinExploler completely makes borderless window (incldes hiding taskbar) but inconvinience a bit because needs a many process
May 10, 2016  • #1
Thomas Malloch (BFS)'s profile on
I was able to take the website you posted and turn it into a DisplayFusion script for you to use. I tested it quickly with the newest version of ePSXe and FF8, and didn't notice any screen tearing. To use the script follow these steps:

  • Open the Functions tab in the DisplayFusion Settings window
  • Click the 'Add Scripted' button
  • Paste the code in the file attached to this post into the window that popped up
  • Give the script a name and a hotkey

I also had to set up my ePSXe window settings to match my screen resolution, or the game wouldn't stretch out to fill up my monitor.

I hope this works for you!
• Attachment: Toggle ePSXe Border.txt [1,229 bytes]
May 11, 2016  • #2
Shun Takeda
4 discussion posts
Thanks for making a script Thomas, but tearing still visible

I've tried Remove Borders and Caption From Window and Toggle Borders and Caption From Window. these two, tearing did not occur. taskbar did not disappear.

  • ePSXe 2.0.2-1
  • Pete'S OpenGL2 Driver 2.9
  • Radeon HD7850
  • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3.2
  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  • U2414H (1920x1080)
• Attachment: video_plugin_settings.png [30,563 bytes]
May 11, 2016  • #3
Thomas Malloch (BFS)'s profile on
I'm sorry that my script didn't work for you! I can't seem to see any tearing, even when I try your plugin and settings. This might work for you though:

If you add the line "BFS.Window.Maximize(windowHandle);" below the "BFS.Window.SetWindowStyle(style, windowHandle);" line on the scripts that worked for you, it might get the window to display above the taskbar.

It might also be that I'm just not testing with the right game. If the option above doesn't work for you, is it possible to tell me the games where you can see this issue?

May 11, 2016 (modified May 11, 2016)  • #4
Shun Takeda
4 discussion posts
Sorry! The script you attached first doesn't have a problem and it works perfectly now. It seems like I failed to add it well.

Finally, I have a request. ePSXe's window moving up by taskbar(title bar?) height after deactivate/activate (e.g Alt+Tab). could you fix this?
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May 12, 2016  • #5
Thomas Malloch (BFS)'s profile on
I'm glad to hear it's working for you! I find that toggling the border on then off again with the script gets the ePSXe window to appear above the taskbar again.

May 12, 2016  • #6
3 discussion posts
Hello ! Its possible to ajust the script to UWP games?
Jun 10, 2020  • #7
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's possible to remove the window frame from UWP apps/games, sorry!
Jun 11, 2020  • #8
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