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Maximize All Windows of application (Firefox, Chrome, etc...)

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For some reason, when I open Firefox or Chrome with multiple windows stored, most of the time only one of them opens maximized and the rest are cascaded/restored down. It is frustrating to have to go through them all every time and maximize them. I currently have a window location profile set, with a shortcut to load the profile, but for some reason that shows the preview as being restored down also, I have to click on them to see the full preview...

It has become quite irksome to me, especially in the past week, dealing with new graphics cards, a new RAID controller, and needing to restart the system a couple of dozen times a day...


A: just really hoping for either a way to prevent this, or a shortcut that maximizes all Firefox/Chrome windows...


B: a shortcut that will maximize them and update the preview with the correct size/location data...

Any help is greatly appreciated! I know you all have better things to do with your time, and I would like to express, on behalf of all those you assist, THANK YOU!!! SO VERY MUCH!!!
May 16, 2019  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
How many entries are in your Window Position Profile? And do the "Window Text" fields for each one match the page titles of the open windows?
May 17, 2019  • #2
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