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Maximizing to edge of screen, and Win key + left or right

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Hi! Excited new user of DisplayFusion for an ultrawide monitor and am loving everything. I had 2 questions as I try to learn this nifty program:

1) I have monitor split on with 2 zones. When I maximize, windows look like they're maximized but the edge of the windows don't reach the end of the screen (off by a pixel or so). Visually it doesn't matter to me but I tend to move my mouse to the very edge of the screen to click on things like browser tabs. When I do that now, nothing happens and I have to shift my cursor down slightly. Same for other programs. Is there an adjustment for this?

2) I like to use Win + left (or right) shortcut to snap my window to the left or right zone and vice versa. Sometimes I'll also use Win + down to take off maximization. Whenever I do that, the "blank space" I've created turns into a big menu of all programs open (it looks like alt tab) and I have to press escape to get back to work. Same thing when I do Win + down arrow to unmaximize: the top half of the screen becomes alt tab. Can I turn this off?

Thank you!
Jul 10, 2020  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
For the first thing, there isn't a way to do that unfortunately. If we expanded the window further, it would end up showing partially on the edges of adjacent monitors.

For that Windows Aero Snap thing, if you go to Windows Settings > System > Multitasking, and turn off "When I snap a window, show what I can snap next to it," that should do the trick

Jul 10, 2020  • #2
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