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Middle Click Problem

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The middle click (move window that is clicked to other monitor) feature in 3.1.7 isn't working anymore, i've tryied logging off and on, rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling. Still nothing. And i can't move full screen apps to other screen anymore, All of these options are checked in optins

Any ideas??

Feb 16, 2010  • #1
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Are you saying you were able to move Windows from one monitor to another by Middle Clicking? If so I dont think this was ever in. I made a request for it recently and support was said to not be in until march or so.

Edit: Nevermind. You were discussing the titlebar, not the DF taskbar.

This works for me still in 3.17. Vista 64.
Feb 17, 2010  • #2
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I fixed it, all i did was restore my computer back untill it was working last,
Feb 17, 2010  • #3
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
I'm glad to hear you got it working, if you run into any more issues please let me know. Thanks!
Feb 17, 2010  • #4
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