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Minor Feature Req: Clipboard support

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First, props for producing an effective, clean, easy-to-use app, and even more for making it free. I would like to make a minor feature request: that clipboard images be supported, meaning that in the desktop wallpaper dialogue one could simply right-click and say "paste" (and/or drag-and-drop) to use an image obtained from a browser (context menu "copy image") or even an image file selected in the Win Explorer outside the app.

While I imagine many people interested in this sort of thing would have keeper wallpapers already saved as files in the file system, I can think of at least two good reasons why clipboard/DnD would be useful:
  • It's often much easier to find images (particularly from large collections) through other interfaces, like MS/Google desktop search or image browsers with tagging support. It's a pain to then have to browse manually to the same path through the DisplayFusion interface...
  • Sometimes you may just want to use an image found on the site that you don't necessarily want for the long term. It might be a useful bonus to be able to kind of work backwards and "save" a current wallpaper as a file (though you'd really just be copying from an existing temp file to a final location and giving it a meaningful name). This supports the scenario of 1) find image on site you like, 2) right-click, "save image as", 3) paste image into DisplayFusion, 4) 2 weeks pass, overwhelming fondness for image accumulates, urge to save becomes irresistible, 5) in DisplayFusion user says "Save current desktop to...", 6) one step closer to world peace

Don't hear any criticism on what is already here, though. It would just be further polish on what's already a gem...
Jan 28, 2008  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
I love this idea, and it sounds like it would be fairly easy to implement. I will add it to my "future improvements" list. It won't be included in the next release, as the next release will be strictly a bug fix release, but it will make it into a future release for sure.

Feb 7, 2008  • #2
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I was happy to see some degree of clipboard support show up in Nice work!

Looks like it only works if the actual image data is on the clipboard, though (which supports the paste-from-the-browser type scenario). It would still be nice if a file reference could be pasted from the clipboard, as well. So, a person uses some search tool to locate a image file in Windows Explorer, right-clicks the file and selects "Copy", then "Paste"s in DisplayFusion. I think pasting file references might be even more useful in day-to-day ops than than the ability to paste the image data itself. The equivalent drag-and-drop operation(s) would still be great, too.

I'm grateful for what's there, though, and keep up the good work...
Feb 25, 2008  • #3
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
You're right - that was a bit of an oversight on my part. I'll add support for file references on the clipboard to the next release. I'll also take a look at dragging and dropping images and see what I can put together. Thanks for the feedback!
Feb 27, 2008  • #4
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