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Misc. taskbar items showing up when clicking on menus in applications

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Running beta 3 (but saw this in beta 2 and possibly beta 1):

I have Word 2007 open, if I click on the text color toolbar button, 2 or 3 untitled taskbar items show up. Moving the mouse off the toolbar button, the taskbar items go away. I'm seeing this in other Office applications, too. Ideas?

Edit: btw, I don't have the DisplayFusion TitleBar Buttons enabled.

Edit: Looks like I missed a previous post that submitted a similar bug and has been fixed in beta 4 http://www.binaryfortress.com/Forum/index.php?topic=1651.0 Sorry for the duplication.

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Feb 18, 2010  • #1
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Yes, it has been fixed in Beta 4. If you still have the problem after switching to the betas please let me know. Thanks!
Feb 19, 2010  • #2
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