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Missing "Size Mode"

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Carsten Franke
99 discussion posts
Hi Jan,

I'm not sure if there's an option missing or if the existing don't work properly.

I've two screens: 1600x1200 and 1440x900 When choosing to span my images the entires desktop, I get this result:
-- (it shows the preview of the wallpaper option dialog)

I'm missing the possibility to see the whole image:
Non of the existing options does this.

Thanks for reading another post. :)

Aug 20, 2008  • #1
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Kevin F.
450 discussion posts
You are attempting to get one image on two monitors, at least that would have the same affect as stretching that across both.. Syncing this is not currently possible, but I am sure Jon has it in the works to sync them so that they share the same picture. He may also include a particular option to do what you want, but the schematics of such a thing are rather complex and annoying to work out, you would have much cramping when you tried to do that.
Aug 25, 2008  • #2
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
Carsten: With this flag image, your best bet is to set it individually on each monitor and have it scale to fit. If your monitors are different sizes then the wallpaper will usually be cutoff on one monitor (the smaller one).
Sep 18, 2008  • #3
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