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Missplaced buttons?

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I have seen some instances of missplaced buttons in the last 2 (I think) betas.
See the attached image of buttons trying to locate the Outlook 2010 splash screen.
Related to this discussion of buttons , I seem to remember that UltraMon buttons didn't load or loaded different buttons on dialogs\splash screens. This seems a sensible approach, however, you have a far greater level of customization, which may make it more difficult to program. Having an option to disable buttons on certain window types may ne useful?
Just some thoughts...
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Mar 5, 2010  • #1
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The button location issue should be fixed now with Beta 9:

As for hiding the buttons on some windows, DisplayFusion "asks" each window if it has a caption bar, and if it does then it adds the buttons. Unfortunately, in this case it looks like the Outlook 2010 splash screen is answering, "yes I do have a caption bar", which is incorrect. :( If this isn't fixed in the final release of Office 2010 I'll make an exception for it in DisplayFusion. :)
Mar 6, 2010  • #2
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