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Monitor profile error

Brett M Byers
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I have three screens and want to set up each with its own profile so I can hotkety and switch to each one with a hotkey. When trying to create and apply a new profile I get the error,
"An error has occurred while applying your new Monitor configuration.
Please check your settings and try again.
Error: Failed to call SetDisplayConfig. [HR: 87]
I am selecting the monitor in Monitor configuration, then setting it as primary , and then clicking apply. I get the error message twice. Please advise.
Jul 7, 2020  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Could you send us a request through the Help > Support Request button in the DisplayFusion Settings window? This will send us some extra info that we'll have a look at and hopefully help you get this resolved.

Jul 8, 2020  • #2
Brett M Byers
2 discussion posts
Of couse,..sent and Thank You.
Jul 8, 2020  • #3
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