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mouse stucked at borders of screens in multi-monitor set-up

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I'm searching since hours a solution but can't find it,
i've 6 screens, had windows 7 with no problems and i've just installed windows 10 and now, the mouse is blocked at borders of my main screen if i move slowly with my mouse,
i attach a video like that you can see.
The slim black line is the top border of my main monitor and like you see, my mouse blocking a lot around borders of this screen (but between other screens it's all good, you can see for example, when i move mouse around taskbar i have no problem)
i've tried to apply a lot of functions in displayfusion but it changes nothing.
Have you an idea to help me ? It drives me mad trying to display correctly my softwares
Thank you for your time (and sorry for my english)

EDIT : i've found to this 5Yo bug still not fixed by Microsoft small indie company the solution in your forum :

you can delete/ close my request
• Attachment: 2022-06-11-01-26-22-3510x1430.mp4 [10,419,463 bytes]
Jun 10, 2022 (modified Jun 11, 2022)  • #1
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