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Move IE8 with DF causes full screen in IE8

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When I upgraded to the new DF Pro 3.1.5, I found the the following will happen with IE8:

1. I start with IE8 maximized on a monitor (I have 3) and want to move it to the next or previous monitor.
2. I use my hotkey assignment (ctrl-alt-left and ctrl-alt-right) to move the applicaiton to the next monitor and previous monitor. Mind you, these are assigned to "Move window to next monitor" and "Move window to previous montior". It is not the "move and maximize" or "move and size propotionally" option.
3. IE8 gets moved to the next/previous monitor as it should, but now it is in "Full Screen" mode instead of just maximized. This removes the titlebar from the application and requires that I hit F11 to get IE8 out of "Full Screen" mode.

I looked through the existing posts and didn't see this, so hopefully it's not a repeat of something else that's been posted.

Update: Forgot to mention I am running Win7-64.


Nov 5, 2009  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
I have been able to verify this issue, and it will be fixed for version 3.1.6. Thanks!
Nov 9, 2009  • #2
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