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Move window with a key

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Hi, I'm not good with programming and I would like a script that would let me move a window towards the direction I want by one pixel (or whatever value I edit the script later on).
I'd also like to move them out of bounds.
I understand it will most likely require 4 scripts (one for each direction).

Thanks in advance.
My apologies I posted in the wrong place.
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Thomas Malloch (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
I was able to put a few scripts together that should work for you. Here's how to get them into DisplayFusion:

  • Download the files attached to this post
  • On the DisplayFusion Settings > Functions tab, click "Scripted Function" > "Import Scripted Function"
  • Give it a key combination and click OK
  • Optionally, select it, click "Toggle TitleBar Button" (to add it to the caption bar of every application)
  • Click Apply and test it out

• Attachment: Move Window Up Down One Pixel.dfscript [1,049 bytes]
• Attachment: Move Window Up Left One Pixel.dfscript [1,046 bytes]
• Attachment: Move Window Up One Pixel.dfscript [1,045 bytes]
• Attachment: Move Window Up Right One Pixel.dfscript [1,048 bytes]
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