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Hey there all,

I heard there was a feature with DisplayFusion that allowed you to move the mouse between two screens of different resolutions without it snagging or jumping, does anyone know where to enable this?
Dec 20, 2021  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Hi Lee,

For snagging, you can find those options in the DisplayFusion Settings > Mouse Management tab.

We currently don't support compensation for mouse movement between two different resolution monitors, but we do have it open as a feature request.

Dec 21, 2021  • #2
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Note: As of 10.1.2, this feature has moved to the "Mouse Management" rather than "Window Management" tab.

Regarding the mouse alignment issue:

    - I believe a minimal implementation of that could simply map the top of the first to the top of the second and bottom to the bottom, in the "simple" cases of only 1 monitor adjacent, which would probably cover 90% of user cases (1 left, 1 right, maybe 1 above?).
    - If I'm dragging at the top of monitor 1, I want it to show up at the top of the adjacent monitor, but if I'm not dragging a window and I'm at the bottom, just having it map to the bottom of the monitor would be really great, even if the alignment isn't right. Windows doesn't allow me to do this so I can only align the top or bottom if they are different resolutions. I just want it to scale so top and bottom match each other.
    - I would be 80% happy with this feature that might take 20% of the effort of getting perfect alignment in all cases.


Although, now that I'm thinking about what the design might look like - if you had a secondary monitor profiles page where the user could "resize" (equivalent to rescaling) the screen, they could design exactly how they want the monitors to align - for the purposes of mouse movement only. So the normal profile screen handles how windows will show up when actually appearing on two monitors at once, but the secondary profile screen would allow resizing a monitor so the mouse movements could be adjusted to match the real-world monitor sizes.

That might not be too bad to implement either, as it is up to the user to make the adjustments if things aren't matching up - you are just providing the tools and doing the mouse edge transform.
Oct 31, 2023 (modified Oct 31, 2023)  • #3
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1 discussion post
I've been using a utility called "LittleBigMouse" to resolve the issue of my 4k center screen and 1440p outer screens to map the mouse movement consistently across them. It's a wonderful utility, but it's been abandoned and is a little buggy. It doesn't know how to handle coming out of a virtual machine (VMWare Workstation in my case) and takes a couple seconds to realize where the mouse is.

I was hoping DisplayFusion with all of it's awesome settings would have a similar solution.
Nov 5, 2023  • #4
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