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Moving Window cycling only between specific monitors

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Hi! Newby und very new to the forum I did not found here a direct answer to my issue:

I have 3 Monitors, and with the title bar button to move the window to the next monitor, i get the cycling of my window from monitor 1 to 2, from 2 to 3 and again from 3 to 1.

However: Monitor 3 is just in use for for informational graphics, so i want it out of the cycling.

I tried my best, but as a newby to C+ i was not able to program a function witch:

1) identifies, if a window is on monitor 1 and moves it exclusively to monitor 2 and
2) vice versa identifies, if the active window is on monitor 2 and moves it exclusively to monitor 1
3) identifies, if the window is on monitor 3, then it exclusively moves it only to monitor 1 - no vice versa

So like these routes: 1-->2; 2-->1; 3-->1

I do not want to have for this several buttons on the title bar - but i was not able to program a solution for me. Maybe someone of you have a solution?

Thanks in advance!
Jul 16, 2022  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Hi Denis,

In the DisplayFusion Advanced Settings, you can add monitor 3 to the "General: Ignore Monitors" setting. This will prevent windows from jumping to that monitor when using your titlebar buttons, and monitor 3 should move to monitor 1 by default.

Jul 18, 2022  • #2
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