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Moving Windows

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can we get hotkey Window Movement Actions that allow Indiependant Axis movement.

IE Move Window from X,Y to (0,Y)
IE Move Window from X,Y to (MAX_X,Y)

This would allow me to setup 5 hot keys to move to a side of a monitor and 50% height width but allow me to position windows in up to 9 differnt ways.
IE i could chain

(Move to left +50% width ) + (Move Top + 50% height) and get a window in the top left taking up 25% of the screen

(Maximize) + (Move Left 50% Width) will give me a window on the left of the monitor taking up 50% of the screen.

this way i can use the arrow WIN + arrow keys and NUM_0 to get all 9 positions. The current method requires I setup the entire numpad to get all 9 positions.

An nother solution would be to allow multi-key hotkeys such as WIN+UP+LEFT to get upper left at 25% monitor size.
Apr 14, 2011  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
We definitely don't support those types of hotkeys at the moment but I will add it to our feature request list.

Apr 21, 2011  • #2
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