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Multi-Monitor and Transparent Taskbar on 2. Montor and Vista

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i use two monitors/screens on Windows Vista and use the transparancy options (semi-transparent taskbar and window titlebars) Vista offers. And i used Display Fusion with no problems until now. I just Moved my taskbar from the main screen to the second screen which resulted that the taskbar has still the backgrounds of the wallpaper from the main screen and not the backgrounds from the second screen (at which it is placed now). If i move the taskbar arround, it temporarily has the correct background but as soon as i place it somewhere on the second screen it gots the background grafics as if it where placed at the same position on the main screen.
I think this has something to do with the working of the transparency effect, it is no real transparency but the taskbar background is a mixture of the background immage (wallpaper) and the normal taskbar background. But during some error display fusion or windows thinks that the taskbar is still placed on the main screen.

Is this problem known? Can i do something? The problem is that my two wallpapers are very different, especialy in color and to it looks very strange with these wrong colored taskbar on the second screen.
Mar 27, 2009  • #1
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I had this once, but after a reboot it was gone to never be seen again? Did you try to reboot? I can't make that up from your story :)
Mar 28, 2009  • #2
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Reboot does not help
Mar 28, 2009  • #3
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I found that prior to DF featuring multiple taskbars that the vista taskbar would render the incorrect wallpaper behind it.

I have 3 monitors in the following configuration [2][1][3] (where 1 is the primary monitor with the Vista Taskbar) and [1] would render the wallpaper from [2] beneath it's taskbar (screenshot -

When I ran DF with multiple taskbars, I think the taskbars rendered their background from monitor in this order [1][2][3]. So every taskbar rendered the wrong background. It's possible the order may have been [3][2][1], I can't remember for sure and my trial has ran out.

I assumed this was a fault of Vista.
Apr 1, 2009  • #4
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
Unfortunately this is a problem in Windows Vista. It doesn't handle transparency properly behind the Windows taskbar. :(
May 17, 2009  • #5
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