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multi-monitor set up with switch

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Hi all

Fairly new to this forum but end up here as we are now trialling the product. Reason for trialling is we encountered an issue with one of our users.

User has a multi-minitor set up. He has a laptop and this is connected to a dock that serves 2 monitors. Desktop is extended to all 3 monitors, with one of them set as Primary monitor.

There is an additional monitor (4th) that is connected to a switch. This switch is also connected to the primary monitor of the setup. The user would like to be able to switch the primary monitor to the 4th monitor (bigger and touch screen) whenever he can. This was set up and working, but after a week or so, an issue arose where any windows on the primary monitor moves to the laptop screen when the primary is switched to the touchscreen. It never did this in the beginning. My question is: does this software able to rectify this issue? And if so, how?

Any help woud be great.

Jan 11, 2019 (modified Jan 11, 2019)  • #1
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Windows will do that for various reasons. DisplayFusion can somewhat help there. On the Settings > Functions tab, you can assign key combinations to the "Save Window Positions" and "Restore Window Positions" functions. Run the Save function before switching the monitors, then run the Restore function after switching.

That should at least save you from having to move every window manually

Hope that helps!
Jan 11, 2019  • #2
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