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multiple user accounts and displaced desktop icons on second display

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Hello Jon,

I like this software, im just having one major problem: in my Vista x64 i use multiple user accounts and switch between these often in one session. Each time I change from one account to the other, all my desktop icons i placed on the secondary display appear back on the primary display (including my object dock tabs btw xD). Is this a Windows problem, or might there be a chance that this can be solved using Display Fusion? I have tried both the free and the trial version...

Greetings from Berlin,

May 24, 2009  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
Hi Sascha, it sounds like this is a Windows issue. :( If DisplayFusion had the ability to remember desktop icon positions it could help you out, but it doesn't currently do this, sorry.
May 25, 2009  • #2
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