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Mumble remains in DF taskbar when closed on second monitor

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Mike Warner
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I recently did a clean Windows 7 install and reinstalled DF 4.01. I normally run Mumble (a VOIP app) on my second monitor and now whenever I close Mumble on my second monitor it remains in the DF taskbar on that monitor. If I move Mumble to my primary monitor the app moves to the Windows taskbar on that monitor and closes properly. Other apps I run on my second monitor don't behave this way.


As I was writing this post I wondered if Mumble was somehow still running after closing it so I ran Mumble on my second monitor, closed it and then opened Task Manager and Mumble was in fact still running- killing the process in Task Manager removed the app from the DF taskbar so now I'm thinkin' I have a Mumble problem.


Uninstalling and reinstalling Mumble fixed my problem
Aug 8, 2012 (modified Aug 8, 2012)  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
I'm glad to hear you got it sorted out, that sounded like a strange issue indeed.
Aug 9, 2012  • #2
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