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My Display Fusion Issues/Suggestions

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Per request, I am starting a new thread with the issues/suggestions I have with the product as a new user.

My setup:

A) Win 10 x64 1909, high-end laptop with 32GB RAM, SSD.

B) DF 9.7.1 Beta

C) Laptop is monitor 1, and is centered below 5140X1440 monitor with 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.

D) I have monitor 1 set to be ignored in switching apps between monitors. Thus they only cycle between 2.1-2.2-2.3.

E) I only use multi-display/task bar functionality.


1) Constant performance hit on laptop (CPU/Page faults/IO), with much of it being tied to a blizzard of clr.dll!LogHelp_LogAssert activity (found using Process Explorer). At least one other person documented the same finding. 3-4% steady-state, spikes to almost 10% during relevant activity such as switching active window.

I made the following changes to Advanced Settings and one or more of them resulted in a fair reduction in resource consumption:

• Alt+Tab: Hide Windows Metro Apps from Alt+Tab: 1
• General: Disable Sound Effects: 1
• General: Disable Tray Notifications for Background Calls: 1
• General: Disable Virtual Desktop Checks: 1
• General: Force Processor Affinity (single core): 1
• General: Hide the 'Our Apps' Settings Tab: 1
• General: Ignore Monitors: 1
• General: Run as a High Priority Process: 1
• Monitor Configuration: Force Primary Monitor ID: 2.2
• Taskbar: Auto-Hide Animation: 1
• Taskbar: Delay Loading Taskbars after Desktop Unlock (seconds): 1
• Taskbar: Delay Loading Taskbars after Login (seconds): 1
• Taskbar: Disable Clock Hover Effect: 1
• Taskbar: Disable Show Desktop on Hover (only show on click): 1
• Taskbar: Disable Taskbar Background Rendering: 1
• Taskbar: Disable Taskbar Button Progress Overlays: 1
• Taskbar: Disable Touch Detection (makes some controls bigger): 1
• Taskbar: Remove Hot Corner Padding (Win: 1
• Taskbar: Taskbar Polling Interval: 12000
• Taskbar: Taskbar Shortcut Gap Size: Horizontal: 3
• Taskbar: Thumbnail Preview Animation: 1
• TitleBar Buttons: Disable Context Menu: 1
• TitleBar Buttons: Disable TitleBar Button Tooltips: 1
• Window Management: Disable text messages when using maximized window dragging: 1

So a clear task is to find out WHICH of those saves on resources and a) document them and b) make them the default way of doing business if feasible or options available to users if not.

Despite the steady-state average reduction in resource consumption, any action I take with respect to switching apps, screens, etc. still results in a 6-8+% CPU spike for a few seconds.

I still see a bajillion clr.dll!LogHelp_LogAsserts.

2) Making something "full screen", such as a youtube video (whether on or a video in a regular web page) make the resized object consume the entire monitor instead of the "display" it is currently in (2.1/2/3).

3) I use ALT-SHIFT-TAB-ARROW keyboar shortcuts to move windows between the 3 2.x displays, and maximize upon arrival. This does not work correctly. Sometimes an app goes full screen on monitor 2, sometimes it will switch properly. I have not been able to identity a pattern.

4) I have setting to click-drag a window title bar and drag to new display and it will a) show me monitor numbers and b) maximize when released in a display. Neither happen reliably. Display 2.2 is the worst offender for both of those issues.

5) Suggestion: when I right-click on a desktop and open something from the popup, it should open on the current display. This does not happen.

6) I do not see a way to set display 2.2 as my Primary Display.

7) RDP doesn't accept key strokes such as ALT-TAB unless it is full screen. This gets back to #2 above. "Full screen" should mean "full DISPLAY", i.e. I maximize an app/window (such as RDP), and it completely fills display 2.2 - NOT my entire 49" ultrawide monitor.

I did see another post about sizing RDP using command-line arguments for the app. Shall I take it that you cannot make RDP "full display", and thus we are completely stuck without key strokes being able to be captured by RDP? I am a consultan and live on my client's environments via RDP, so this one is REALLY important to me. Sadly I am unable to use my laptop with my arrangement because it is too far away (physically ABOVE my 49" main monitor) for me to see acceptly for the purpose.

The forum text object has a significant flaw. If you type a paragraph and you use the Home or End key it does NOT take you to the beginning or end of the current LINE of text as expected. It takes you to the beginning or end of the paragraph. That is completely non-standard and not expected, and annoying as heck!

If you need, I would love to have a web session with you where I can show you the issues.


Nov 30, 2020  • #1
18 discussion posts
3) UPDATE: When I use my key-combo to shift a window left/right on monitor 2, and it shifts to full screen instead of to the appropriate display on monitor 2, I can do 2 WIN-UP_ARROW key combos to get it to maximize on the proper display. But this only works for displays 2.2 and 2.3. I am unable to get it to shift to display 2.1 in either direction. (Note, I have display wrapping enabled).

6) RESOLVED: I seems that there is an Advanced Setting (which I had used) to force display 2.2 to be Primary.


On the Discussions Page, please make the emoji images large. It is difficult for me to tell exactly what some of them are.

9) When you have the Settings dialog box open, if you make NO changes clicking the OK still goes through all of the process of reapplying your settings. That makes no sense. Track if a change is made and only do that if something IS changed. Note that proper UX design means that if a setting is changed, and then changed back to its original value, then you should still not run the apply process.
Nov 30, 2020  • #2
18 discussion posts

10) Icons on EVERY task bar should be kept grouped/in the same order as they are displayed on the Windows task bar.
Nov 30, 2020  • #3
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on

1) Could you run through those settings individually and see which one(s) have big jumps in CPU usage? Display Fusion uses background polling to keep features updated, so a bit of CPU usage is expected.

2) We have this open as a feature request, so I'll add your vote to it

3) Strange! Is this happening with specific applications?

4) This is odd as well. Again, is it happening with specific applications?

5) You can head into our trigger settings, and create one using the "Window Created" event. You can add in "*.*" as the "Process Filename", and use the "Move window to mouse cursor monitor"

7) Back to #2, we have it open as a feature request

9) I've added this to our list of requests as well

10) We have this open as a feature request as well

Thanks for the writeup, and testing!
Dec 2, 2020  • #4
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