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My favorite DF features and tips - what are yours?

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DF is one of the programs that has so many cool features it really requires some digging into, to take full advantage of it. My favorite feature is Monitor Profiles which I use at all times. They are so incredible they are stopping me from moving to Apple even though I would like to, because nothing similar can be done with any Apple multimonitor utilities.

A few of my other favorite features:
- Custom commands across the title bar.
- Keyboard shortcuts for custom commands. These take a little while to set up, but man once you do it makes everything so fast! I can hit Ctrl/1,2,3 etc. to instantly move any window across one of 10 virtual monitors that are part of my monitor profiles. And Ctrl/M to maximize across a monitor.
- A big tip. Even though DF warns you of possible issues if you overlap monitors on monitor profiles, in usage I have found none. So for instance I have 3 possible window positions across the top of my monitor left, center, and right. Center overlaps half of left and right. So I can have left and right active, or middle active if I want a single perfectly centered window.

I just use keyboard shortcuts to instantly move them around, so overlapping causes 0 issues. There are a few tricks to getting the taskbar icons to work correctly, so if anyone has any interest I will elaborate.

I've looked at Window profiles but I do not see any use in my application. So other than that, what other super cool things do you folks do with your setups?

Jan 26, 2022  • #1
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